Hurricane Florence • September 2018

MI-TF1 deployed to North Carolina through an EMAC request to assist in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. EMAC is the Emergency Management Assistance Compact is an all hazards mutual aid agreement that provides consistent and coordinated response to emergencies and disasters around the nation.

A twenty person team consisting of fourteen water specialists, six support personnel, four boats and the ability to self-sustain for at least 72 hours deployed on September 13th.

Partnering with the Crains Creek Fire Department and the N.C. National Guard, MI-TF1 was assigned 13 missions rescuing/evacuating a total of 43 people and 34 pets. In addition, we were able to offer assistance to over 500 residents of the community.

Flooding was quick and catastrophic along Crains Creek and the Little River.

With dozens of roads completely closed, cooperation with the NC National Guard made a difficult job easier.

The Crains Creek Fire Department provided first class lodging and hospitality where MI-TF1 and the NC National Guard set up their Base of Operations.