Midland, Mi Flooding • May 2020

MI-TF1 responded as a Type 1 Swiftwater Rescue Team to a request by the City of Midland Fire Dept at approximately 1850 hours after torrential raid caused a catastrophic failure of earthen dams in the Midland area. The team responded with 24 personnel, 4 boats, and 9 vehicles, and able to self-sustained for several days of water rescue operations.

MI-TF1 leadership arrives ahead of the main convoy at the designated staging area at Midland Fire Dept Headquarters and awaits a briefing by the Rescue Branch Director. The team was assigned to Division 3, located in the northwest section of the city, and feared to have the highest probability of significant flooding due to the multiple dam failures

The team’s Base of Operations (BoO) in Division 3 was located at the City of Midland’s DPW location. This proved to be a secure location that offered restrooms and shower facilities, along with a bay that doubled as a makeshift dormitory.  

MI-TF1 worked alongside a unit from the Michigan National Guard, which utilized their LMTVs (Light Medium Tactical Vehicle) to assist in transferring civilians who were rescued by boat to a staging location or designated shelter.

Swiftwater Rescue personnel launch their Zodiac into a flooded neighborhood to evacuate additional residents and pets. The overflowing Tittabawassee River flooded significant parts of the city, including neighborhoods and portions of the Northwood University campus.